How do YOU define SEXINESS?

How do YOU define SEXINESS?

Are you confident in your sensuality? Do you struggle with inhibitions?  Everyone has their own perception of what sexy is.  We have 2 key tips on embracing your inner sexiness, and losing your inhibitions! 

Everyone has their own view on what's considered sexy in and out of the bedroom, either "sophistication", "leaving something to the imagination" or "kicking it up a notch"!

Here's 2 key tips on embracing your inner sexiness, and losing your inhibitions!

#1 Work on putting aside all your hangups.  The hangups that we were conditioned with as we were growing up & the ones that have been imposed upon us through society.  Putting aside your hangups is major at embracing your inner sexiness.  First you need to get comfortable with yourself and your own personal values.  You can't truly be comfortable with someone else if you are not first comfortable with yourself.  Examine your inner thoughts and find out why you feel a certain way(s) about intimacy.  Figure out if the reason(s) are legitimate or just a mindset that you may have been conditioned to believe.  Try some meditation techniques to tap into your inner being.  Meditation definition, a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit, or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content, without becoming identified with that content.  You will never be able to fully embrace your sensual side if you're weighted down with shackles.  Take small steps and decide that on certain occasions you will sit those hangups high on a shelf and try to relax and enjoy yourself.  

#2  The most comfortable way to lose your inhibitions is to create an alter ego to help you channel your seductive side.  You know that side of you that wants to come out but you're holding it in? Don't be scared to let it out....  You may not be able to lose your inhibitions on your own bravery, but by creating an alter ego for yourself you can explore that side that usually needs encouragement to step outside the box.  You should be able to relinquish your fears and begin to lose your inhibitions.  Allow yourself to drift and have fun being this other side of yourself.  Start off slow by practicing sexy chat; changing some small sexy conversation into what you've always wanted to say.  Then begin to try the things that you didn't have the courage to try when being yourself.  Be bold, dress up in some sexy apparel, change your mindset to become this other person.  Set yourself free to explore the sensual side of your life... 

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I define sexiness as a confident feeling in the way you carry yourself, your morals, and character.  It's about being comfortable with your whole being, and the ability to embrace the unknown "in and out of the bedroom."

What are your tips on embracing your inner sexy?  How do YOU define SEXINESS??
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16 Comments To "How do YOU define SEXINESS?"

JezzeVel James On 27 Nov 2015
Sexiness begins with embracing what we have been blessed with. Before we even start picking out outfits, lighting candles and things, standing in the mirror and loving that naked reflection, flaws, rolls, whatever we're working with! Know that it's a work of art, DIVINELY sculpted, and worthy of admiration. A confident woman is 1000 times sexier than an insecure one. Reply to this comment
Chazzy On 20 Nov 2015
Sexiness is being absolutely comfortable in the skin you're in!! No matter what size, shape, or structure you have! It's KNOWING that.....You Are Beautiful & you own it! Reply to this comment
D-Nice On 20 Nov 2015
Sexiness, in my opinion is like a form of Control. To know that you have such power. It's a wonderful feeling. Reply to this comment
Tara On 19 Nov 2015
Sexy is being confident in the skin your in, Sexy is not only the body, but the mind and soul! Reply to this comment
andrew On 19 Nov 2015
I have to agree with courtney. Sexy is something you like wearing around and feel good about it Reply to this comment
Kathy On 19 Nov 2015
I agree! Well put! I will have to take this advice myself. Reply to this comment
Jessica On 19 Nov 2015
Just being yourself, no matter who that is. Not being fake but just doing you and not constantly giving in to peer pressure. Your true self is what I think is sexy. Reply to this comment
LaTasha On 19 Nov 2015
My tip is find out what you're good at in the bedroom and build around that and you will begin to get more comfortable. Reply to this comment
Chris On 15 Nov 2015
Confidence! Confidence is very sexy. Reply to this comment
Acc On 05 Nov 2015
Sexiness is the being the truth within. Reply to this comment

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