Position Aids & Sex Swings

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  • Whip Smart Door Swing
    Out Of Stock
    This simple Door Swing gives you the comfort of a swing with the freedom to move it anywhere in the house. With padded strapping for added comfort and easy to follow instructions, the Door Swing is the perfect addition for any home! Supports up to 200 lbs. ..
  • Bondage Love Swing
    Out Of Stock
    Swing into pleasure! The stylish white-and-silver Bondage Love Swing comes complete and fully assembled with instruction manual, padded ankle and wrist restraints, D-rings for bondage, high-strength steel spring for added bounce and eyelet bolt to allow for complete rotation. Holds up to 200 pounds ..
  • Decor Fascinator Throe Velvish - Black
    Out Of Stock
    Save the sheets for sleeping. These supremely plush throws are specially designed to slurp up love juices, lubes, lotions, and any other leftovers of sexual play. One side is an extraordinarily soft velvish, fluffy, or microfiber: the other is silky satin, making it a reversible, versatile, and titi..
  • Liberator 24" Microfiber Ramp w/Kraft Packaging - Black
    Out Of Stock
    Give you and your partner more access and stability while enjoying each other's every caress. The Ramp delivers a 10 to 14-inch rise, making from-behind and other mattress moves more satisfying and longer lasting through angled positioning that accentuates sensitivity and provides ergonomic support...